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Sustenance for the Soul of Your Piano

Since 2004, Ashley Turner, RPT has provided quality piano service for professional musicians, music teachers and recreational players in music venues, homes, churches, embassies and music schools.

COVID update:

I am fully vaccinated. My fourth shot was in May 2023. Currently, I don't usually wear a mask during piano service but if you would like me to wear a mask, please let me know. I am happy to oblige.


Detailed and Thorough Work

Ashley Turner, Registered Piano Technician, prides herself in providing wholistic piano service. She communicates what services she recommends, what services she has provided, and what observations she has made about your piano. With Ashley, you can make long-range plans regarding your piano care and build on your expectations. Ashley is well regarded in the piano technician community for her dedication to enhanced piano service.

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Piano Tuning
Piano Keys
Key Repair


Always Prepared

Ashley has tuned more than 10,000 pianos in her 20 year career as a piano technician. 

For new clients, a tuning is $240.

If the piano needs a pitch raise, meaning the piano has dropped in pitch more than 10% of a semi-tone, then there is an additional pitch raise fee of between $50 - $120, depending on how far flat the piano has dropped in pitch.

Most pitch raises are $50.


Attention to Detail

Complete piano care encompasses four main components - tuning, voicing, regulation and cleaning. Voicing is the process of altering the tone of the piano - such as more mellow, more bright, or more even - etc. Regulation involves adjusting all of the moving parts of the piano to their most efficient playability so that the musician can enjoy the music rather than be distracted by the effort to play. Internal piano cleaning ensures that the piano parts can move freely as intended.


Expert Service

As a piano ages, it will eventually need repairs. Often, small repairs can be accomplished during a tuning visit - let Ashley know what issues you may be having with your piano so that she can schedule the proper amount of time for your service. Beyond the occasional repair, sometimes pianos are rebuilt - either in part or in entirety - depending on the condition, value, and expectations of the pianist. Ashley rebuilds piano actions and occasionally restrings entire pianos. Beyond that (soundboards, pin blocks, cabinet refinishing), she is able to provide you with referrals for excellent rebuilders. She also installs piano climate control systems - $550 vertical - $620 grand.

"I really enjoy being a piano technician. I love working with my hands and hearing, I love working with my clients, and I love collaborating with my colleagues - fellow piano technicians. I have attended hundreds of technical presentations, dozens of weeklong conferences, and been taught by head technicians from the major piano manufacturers such as Kawai, Yamaha, Bosendorfer, Steinway, and Mason & Hamlin. I have attended Renner Academy. I am a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) which means I have passed a series of rigorous exams given by the Piano Technicians Guild. And I have taught numerous classes and mentored several fellow piano technicians."

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Ashley Turner, RPT


Serving Northern Virginia and Washington DC

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